Architects Inc. is an architectural firm based out of Bangalore, India. Since our establishment in 1991, the architects, designers and engineers working with our firm have created structures that reflect our commitment to quality, which is one of our core values to this day. Our areas of expertise include Architecture, Urban Planning, Master Planning and Interior Design

Having been strongly rooted in Karnataka for nearly 25 years, our professionals boast an in-depth knowledge of local markets. We have worked on a wide range of projects including Educational, Industrial, Healthcare, Mixed Use Commercial, Hospitality, Residential, Civic and Cultural developments.

Our Values

We Put You First

Our designers always put your needs at the centre of the creative process. A thorough understanding of your requirement is the launch-pad of our solutions.

Our Focus

Our focus is to create designs that are both aesthetic and functional, and this is sets us apart from others.

We Design For Value

In our view, your objectives are opportunities for the discovery of design solutions that ‘add value’, be it commercial or otherwise

We Nurture Talent

We let our young minds challenge old processes; an approach that we believe is indispensable to the regeneration of creativity within the team

What We Do

In every design we create, we lay emphasis two major aspects, aesthetics and functionality. Striking this balance and doing so with simplicity is at the heart of all our endeavors. We strive to deliver a better quality of service each time, with an unwavering commitment to deadlines. Over the years, we have gained expertise in a wide range of areas including: